Golden Duck 8-a-side cricket tournament

The tournament opened with a Group A match between the two Winterthur teams, WCC 1st coming out easy winners reaching the WCC 2nd total without losing a wicket. WCC 2nd Team faired much better against Freiburg-Nomads, losing out by just 24 runs, but it was Freiburg-Nomads that secured a spot in tomorrow's final after beating WCC 1st Team by 9 runs in the last game of the day.

In Group B Zurich Crickets beat Strasbourg Strollers by 40 runs, but lost by the slimmest of margins in their second game against Freiburg Cricket Club.

That meant Freiburg-Nomads had to wait until the first game on Sunday to find out who they would face in the final.

If Freiburg CC beat Strasbourg Strollers i it would be an all-Brisgau final, but if Strasbourg win, it would all come down to average runs-per-wicket to decide the standings in the group!

As it turns out Freiburg CC won easily.

Strasbourg did however, beat Winterthur 2nd in the first of the games to decide the eventful standings, while Winterthur 1st beat Zurich Crickets to finish 2nd in the competition oeveral. And it Freiburg CC that cam out on top against their neighbours, limiting Freiburg-Nomads to just 84 runs which they reached with ease, without losing a wicket and with 2.1 overs to spare.


Congratulations to Freiburg CC for winning the festival and thanks to all the clubs, supporters and helpers in making the tournament possible.

  5th Winterthur Golden Duck 8-a-side Cricket Festival (6 & 7 June 2015
  Pos. Team/Club
  1 FFC Freiburg Cricket Club
  2 Freiburg-Nomads Cricket Club
  3 Winterthur 1st Team
  4 Zurich Crickets Cricket Club
  5 Strasbourg Strollers Cricket Club
  6 Winterthur 2nd Team


Participating teams

Group A        Group B     
  P W L Runs/Wkt/Av Pts     P W L Runs/Wkt/Av Pts
Freiburg-Nomads 2 2 1 239/05/47.08 8   FCC Freiburg 2 2 0 158/08/19.75 8
WCC 1st 2 1 1 211/03/70.33 4   Zurich Crickets 2 1 1


WCC 2nd 2 0 2 191/13/14.69 0   Strasbourg Strollers 2 0 2 146/13/11.23 0


Match schedule

Saturday 6th June



Group A

WCC 2nd 93-7 (12 overs) lost to

WCC 1st 94-0 (7.4 overs) by 10 wkts



Group B

Zurich Crickets 111-1 (12 overs) beat

Strasbourg Stollers 81-6 (12 overs) by 40 runs



Group A

Freiburg Nomads 122-2 (12 overs) beat

WCC 2nd 98-6 (12 overs) by 24 runs



Group B

FFC Freiburg 89 ao (9.2 overs) beat

Zurich Crickets 86-5 (12 overs) by 3 runs



Group A

Freiburg Nomads 117-3 (12 overs) beat

WCC 1st 108-6 (12 overs) by 9 runs



Sunday 7th June



Group B


Strasbourg Strollers 65-7 (12 overs) lost to

FFC Freiburg 69-1 (8.2 overs) by 9 wkts







WCC 2nd 104-4 (12 overs) lost to
Strasbourg Strollers 106-2 (9.3 overs) by 8 wkts






WCC 1st 113-3 (12 overs) beat
Zurich Crickets 54 ao (9 overs) by 59 runs







Freiburg-Nomads 84-6 (12 overs) lost to

Freiburg CC 85-0 (9.5 overs) by 10 wkts



5.15pm   Close

Festival regulations

Matches will be conducted under M.C.C. laws of cricket with the following exceptions:

  1. Tournament fee of Fr. 150 covers lunches & soft drinks for 8 players on both days, min. 3 cricket matches & cricket balls
  2. Teams will consist of eight players
  3. Matches will be played over a maximum of 12 overs of six balls each
  4. Bowlers are limited to a maximum of two overs each, per match
  5. Any batsman, on reaching or passing the score of 40, is automatically Retired Out and cannot bat again
  6. The wicket keeper cannot bowl unless one of the players from the same team is injured during the match
  7. A strict interpretation of the wide ball law will be imposed. Any passing the batsman on the leg-side is wide.
  8. Two runs will be awarded for Wide & No-Ball extras. The ball will not be re-bowled unless it is the final over of the match.
  9. The side scoring most runs wins and will collect 4 points. No points will be awarded to the losing team. The points are to be shared in the case of a tied match (2 points each). A match will be tied if the scores are level, irrespective of the number of wickets lost.
  10. In the case of final points’ parity, the total runs scored overall by a competing team will be divided by the total number of wickets lost overall. The team with the higher run ratio will be listed in a better position.
  11. There will be a 5 minute interval between innings and between matches. The remaining playing time of the match will be equally divided. Each innings may be ended by the umpires after 50 minutes of play (a required over rate of approximately 17 overs per hour). If the twelve overs (item 2) have not been acheived within the allotted time in the first innings, the second innings will be limited to the same number of completed overs bowled in the first.
  12. Cricket balls and lunches will be provided by the organisers.
  13. No spiked shoes are permitted.
  14. Each team will be expected to provide a scorer and an umpire.
  15. In the event of rain or any disputes, the organisers will mediate
  16. This is a friendly festival and all clubs are encouraged to participate in any social activities.

Note: These regulations are also available on the WCC website at

Further information

Für weitere Informationen / For further Information:
Graham Deacon, M: 079 279 4552

Winterthur Cricket Club

Nets every Friday



16.6. PT20 v Cossonay

23.6. PT20 v Swiss Afghan

07.7. PT20 v Nomads II

14.7. CSRL v Super Lions

21.7. CSRL v Nomads II

28.7. CSRL v Basel Afghans

11.8. CSRL v Pahktoon Zalmi

18.8. PT20 Semi-Finals

01.9. CST10 tournament 

08.9. PT20 Finals Day

28.9. CST10 Finals Day

29.9. CSNL Regional finals

06.10. CSRL Finals

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