Below you can find out more about WCC fixtures & results.

The summer cricket season runs from April through to early October. Home matches are usually played on Sundays and begin at 12.00 or 12.30pm.

Nets are every Wednesday evening, starting anytime after 6pm, continue until it begins to grow dark - sometimes longer, thanks to the floodlights!

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Matches 2020 >>

  PT20 CSPL  

Winterthur v Power (H) 21/7

Winterthur v Nomads (A) 02/6

Winterthur v SUCC (H) 30/6

Winterthur v St.Gallen (A) 14/7

Winterthur v Zug (H) 21/7

Winterthur v Lions (A) 14/7

Winterthur v Crickets (H) 11/5

Winterthur v Aargau (A) 11/8

Winterthur v Power (A) 19/5

Winterthur v Nomads (H) 07/7

Winterthur v SUCC (H) 07/4

Winterthur v St.Gallen (A) 10/6

Winterthur v Zug (A) 18/8

Winterthur v Lions (H) 01/6

Winterthur v Aargau (A) 04/8

Winterthur v Crickets (H) 26/5






Location   Time/Result (scorecard)
14-16 Feb Cricket on Ice COI Trophy St. Moritz   10am/1pm
Sun 03 Mar Pre-season fitness session   Winterthur H
Sun 24 Mar WCC v Berne Warm-up Winterthur H Won by 4 wkts
Mon 25 Mar Annual General Meeting   Winterthur H  7.30pm
Sun 31 Mar Nomads v WCC Warm-up Winterthur H 12.30pm
Wed 03 Apr First training & net Practice Winterthur H 6-8pm
Sat 06 Apr       A (ZCCC)
Sun 07 Apr WCC v Swiss United Warm-up Winterthur H 12pm
Sat 13 Apr SKY BOWL     A  
Sun 14 Apr SKY BOWL     A  
Sun 14 Apr Swiss United v WCC Warm-up Obergösgen A CANCELLED
Sat 20 Apr       A (ZCCC)
Sun 21 Apr OSTERSONNTAG        
Mon 22 Apr         (ZCCC)
Sat 27 Apr       A (ZCCC)
Sun 28 Apr       A (Power)
Wed 1 May WCC v Aargau CC Warm-up Winterthur H  
Sat 04 May       A (ZCCC)
Sun 05 May WCC v Swiss United CSPL Winterthur H Won by 10 wkts
Sat 11 May WCC v ZCCC PT20 Winterthur A Won by 8 wkts
Sun 12 May LVW     A  
Sat 18 May       A (ZCCC)
Sun 19 May Power v WCC CSPL Winterthur A Lost by 30 runs
Sun 25 May       A (ZCCC)
Sun 26 May WCC v ZCCC CSPL Winterthur H Lost by 18 runs
Thu 30 May   Auffahrt   A (ZCCC)
Fri 31 May       A (ZCCC)
Sat 01 Jun WCC v Zurich Lions CSPL Deutweg H Lost by 57 runs
Sun 02 Jun Nomads v WCC PT20 Buchholz A Lost by 191 runs
Sat 08 Jun       A (ZCCC)
Sun 09 Jun PFINGSTSONNTAG        
Mon 10 Jun WCC v St Gallen CSPL Winterthur H Match abandoned
Wed 12 Jun Training cricket match Friendly Winterthur H 6.30pm
Sat 15 Jun       A (ZCCC)
Sun 16 Jun       A (Power)
22-23 Jun Zuoz Cricket Festival T20 Zuoz A 9am
Sat 22 Jun Tamilensporttag     A  
Sun 23 Jun       A (Power)
Sat 29 Jun       A (ZCCC)
Sun 30 Jun Swiss United v WCC PT20 Obergösgen A 1pm (Power)
Sat 6 Jul FIT FOR KIDS        
Sun 07 Jul WCC v Nomads CSPL Winterthur H 12pm
Sat 13 Jul       A (ZCCC)

Sun 14 Jul


Zurich Lions v WCC

St Gallen v WCC







tbc (Power)


Wed 17 Jul 100 ball cricket match 100 Winterthur H 6.30pm
Sat 20 Jul         (ZCCC)
Sun 21 Jul

WCC v Power

WCC v Zug









Sat 27 Jul       A (ZCCC)
Sun 28 Jul       A (Power)
Sat 03 Aug       A (ZCCC)
Sun 04 Aug Aargau v WCC CSPL Wettingen A tbc
Sat 10 Aug TAMILFEST     A  
Sun 11 Aug TAMILFEST     A  
Sun 11 Aug Aargau v WCC PT20 Wettingen A 12pm
Wed 14 Aug 100 ball cricket match 100 Winterthur H 6.30pm
Sat 17 Aug       A (ZCCC)
Sun 18 Aug Zug v WCC CSPL Buchholz A tbd
Sun 18 Aug LVW     A  
Sat 24 Aug       A (ZCCC)
Sun 25 Aug Pickwick Finals Day PT20 Schönau    
Sun 25 Aug       H (Power)
Sat 31 Aug Turn- Siel- und Stafettenfest     A  
Sun 01 Sep Turn- Siel- und Stafettenfest     A  
05-08 Sep Prague Pepsi Cup T20 Prague A  
Sat 07 Sep SM U20/U23 Leichtathletik     A  
Sun 08 Sep SM U20/U23 Leichtathletik     A  
Sat 14 Sep       A (ZCCC)
Sat 15 Sep Buss- und Bettag     A  
Sat 21 Sep       A (ZCCC)
Sun 22 Sep     Winterthur H  
Sat 28 Sep       A ZCCC)
Sun 29 Sep       A (Power)
Sat 05 Oct       A (ZCCC)
Sun 06 Oct     Winterthur H  

Matches 2020 >>
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22-23.6. Zuoz Festival

30.6. PT20: SUCC v WCC

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Zuoz Festival 2019

(ms, 14.04.2019)

The WCC has been invited to take part in this year's Zuoz Cricket Festival (22-23.6.2019).

Prague Pepsi Cup 2019

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Have you already signed up for the Prague T20 Pepsi Cup (5-8.9.2019)?

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