Below you can find out more about WCC fixtures & results.

The summer cricket season runs from April through to early October. Home matches are usually played on Sundays and begin at 12.00 or 12.30pm.

Nets are every Wednesday evening, starting anytime after 6pm, continue until it begins to grow dark - sometimes longer, thanks to the floodlights!

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Matches 2021 >>

  PT20 CSPL  
  tba tba  





Location   Time/Result (scorecard)
13-15 Feb Cricket on Ice COI Trophy St. Moritz   10am-4pm
14 Mar       A (ZCCC)
15 Mar       A (Power)
21 Mar       A (ZCCC)
22 Mar       A (Power) 
28 Mar       A (ZCCC)
29 Mar       A (Power)
04 Apr       A (ZCCC)
05 Apr       H (WCC)
11 Apr       A (Power)
13 Apr       A (ZCCC)
18 Apr       A (ZCCC)
19 Apr v Parma CC Friendly Deutweg H (WCC)
25 Apr       A (ZCCC)
26 Apr       A (Power)
02 May       A (ZCCC)
03 May       H (WCC)
8-10 May Tour to Lodi Friendly Lodi A Provisional
09 May       A (ZCCC)
10 May       A (Power)
16 May       A (ZCCC)
17 May       H (WCC)
21 May       H (Power/WCC)
23 May       A (ZCCC)
24 May       A (Power)
30 May v ZCCC PT20 Deutweg A (ZCCC)
31 May v Cossonay 2nd XI Friendly En Marche A (Pfingstsonntag)
01 Jun       H (Pfingstmontag)
06 Jun       A (ZCCC)
07 Jun       A (Flag football)
13 Jun       A (ZCCC)
14 Jun       H (WCC)
20 Jun       A (ZCCC)
21 Jun       A (Power)
27 Jun       A (ZCCC)
28 Jun       H (WCC)
04 Jul       A (Fot for Kids)
05 Jul       A (JET TV Seen)
08-12 Jul Pepsi Cup T20 Prague A Provisional
11 Jul       A (ZCCC)
12 Jul       A (Power)
18 Jul v ZCCC CSPL Deutweg A (ZCCC)
19 Jul       H (WCC)
25 Jul       A (ZCCC)
26 Jul       A (Power)
01 Aug       A (National Day)
02 Aug       A (Power)
08 Aug       A (Tamil Sporttag)
09 Aug       A (Tamil Sporttag)
15 Aug       A (ZCCC)
16 Aug       H (WCC)
22 Aug       A (ZCCC)
23 Aug       A (Power)
29 Aug       A (LVW KIds Finale)
30 Aug       H (WCC)
05 Sep       A (TSSST)
06 Sep       A (TSSST)
12 Sep       A (ZCCC)
13 Sep       A (Power)
19 Sep       A (ZCCC)
20 Sep       A (Bettag)

26 Sep

      A (ZCCC)
27 Sep       H (WCC)
03 Oct       A (ZCCC)
04 Oct       A (Power)
10 Oct       A (Power)
11 Oct       H (WCC)
17 Oct          
18 Oct          

Matches 2021 >>
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