1st nets prove great success!

WCC captain, Tom Mampilly, reports on the first practice of the season.

I am happy and exicited to report the first successful event for WCC this season, the club's first practice session. We had 17 WCC members joining, twelve were existing members and there were five new members to the WCC family!

Rehman Fazal deserves a special mention for joining the practice session from Lugano (3 hrs travel), as does Vinit Gupta for making it for the session before catching a flight!

Eleven of the 17 were able to practice both batting and bowling, while most of the regular bowlers focused on bowling.
We did some fielding drills and in parallel some nets practice. We also managed get some bowling and batting on the playing pitch.

Future Wednesday trainings

Considering the number of members attended and the interest shown in training, I have requested, Chris Lodge (Swiss National Team and ECB certified coach) to train/coach us every Wednesday. Chris and I will work closely in the next few days to work out a plan.

  • We will plan sessions with respect to time. Therefore please be at the ground and ready for practice no later than 18:30 we all want to go home early (if you are married or in a relationship you know what im talking about!)
  • We are NOT looking forward to coach everyone to make you a professional cricketer! Chris has good experience in coaching and professionally certified, so i would urge you all to be honest and address your improvement areas to him (1 on 1) and work on it.
  • We will plan drills based on specific fielding positions, we will group you accordingly and obviously we will rotate, the idea is to make you feel comfortable in the fielding position you will be assigned during a competitive match.
  • We will try and introduce video analysis of your batting ( Chris and i are working on it) and some coaching on bowling tactics.

I would urge all of the young and "not so young" aspiring, excited, motivated and energised WCC players to attend Wednesday sessions regularly, we will try to create some match like situations for bowling and batting.

Tom Mampily (078 784 0407)

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