A tribute to Prafull Shikare

(ms) Prafull Shikare has decided to move on to a new cricketing chapter and join Zurich Crickets CC after considering his personal priorities.

This is what Prafull had to say in his email to Winterthur Cricket Club (WCC): "After having played for 10 seasons with WCC, and contributing to it in different roles, time has now come for me to think through the future considering my growing son and increase my engagement in his activities (not vice versa). When I thought long about it, I realised Zurich Crickets could provide a good possibility for both of us to be active simultaneously, while allowing me to optimise my time commitments with everything on my plate. This will also help me gradually transition from active player to someone who can give back to cricket by coaching talent in this country".

Prafull & WCC social evening

Prafull Shikare joined WCC in 2010 as an active member. He almost immediately established himself as one of the best batsmen in Switzerland by being amongst top run getters in various formats of Cricket Switzerland. He has also been a regular feature of the Switzerland national team in various international tournaments. Nevertheless, he considers being a part of the ICC Cricket World Cup organising team in 2019 to be his biggest achievement so far.
He captained the WCC team for two seasons during which time the club went on to win Swiss T20 tournament and reach the Swiss league semi-finals in 2011.
During his time in WCC, he has been instrumental in many victories and has always remained a very respected leader in the club whether it was on or off the cricket field.
His WCC achievements include: 

  • Four times Best Batsman of the year award
  • Once Best Fielder of the year award
  • Once impact player of the year award
  • Once Best Wicketkeeper award in the Pepsi Cup, Prague in 2018.

Prafull Shikare also said, "We part on good terms and my heart is still with WCC, I will keep a close eye on WCC's progress, and will always be happy to support with my experience whenever required”.
As a club, WCC would like to thank him for his commendable services and wishes him and his family all the very best. WCC and Prafull Shikare will always remain close as we have ever been, but for now we hope that he remains friendly to our bowlers!

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