Club awards

Best Batsman, Best Bowler & President's Awards

Year Batting Bowling Presidents 
2017 R.Kruger S.Joseph J.Pratt
2016 L.Mendis R.Ramanathan A.Pratt
2015 R.Khandelwal J.Banneheka V.Mampilly
2014 C.Hirst N.Spencer not awarded
2013 P.Kirkpatrick N.Mahmood M.Rahman
2012 P.Kirkpatrick V.Singh K.Walter
2011 R.Grover R.Khandewal R.Khandewal
2010 P.Shikare R.Khandewal M.Rahman
2009 P.Swanepoel S.Moore not awarded
2008 R.Singh P.Kirkpatrick D.Deacon
2007 A.Sharma P.Kirkpatrick S.Strong
2006 S.Saftit-Ullah S.Saftit-Ullah R.Di Marco
2005 C.Corlett A.Roost A.Ashfaq
2004 P.Kirkpatrick P.Kirkpatrick none awarded
2003 A.Sharma P.Kirkpatrick S.Naeem
2002 A.Sharma P.Swanepoel K.Walter & A.Mackay
2001 P.Cooke P.Cooke none awarded
2000 P.Swanpoel P.Swanepoel P.Cooke
1999 D.Williams J.Patel none awarded
1998 D.Williams J.Patel none awarded
1997 D.Williams A.Wilson T.Bonomo
1996 J.Patel A.Mackay J. & U.Patel
1995 P.Cargin T.D'Arcy G.Deacon
1994 J.Budd J.Budd K.Ziegler
1993 J.Budd T.D'Arcy C.Martyn
1992 D.Williams N.Humphreys J.Budd
1991 D.Williams J.Brown R. & S.Playle
1990 none awarded none awarded none awarded
1989 D.Williams T.D'Arcy A.Mackay
1988 D.Williams T.D'Arcy T.Ward
1987 D.Williams T.D'Arcy B.Bailey
1986 K.Walter M.Shakeshaft P.Simpson
1985 D.Williams P.Simpson  
1984 K.Walter P.Simpson A.Kurman
1983 B.Bailey M.Shakeshaft  
1982 D.Williams M.Shakeshaft
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24.6. CSPL v Zug


Latest club news

WCC fail to chase Olten down

(ap, 15.06.2018)

WCC lost to Olten despite dismissing them for 167 in less than 30 overs.

WCC win away to Lions

(ms, 03.06.2018)

WCC win in the CSPL beating Zurich Lions at Uster.

Tour to Prague

(ms, 31.03.2018)

Join the invitational squad to compete in the Pepsi Cup in Prague/CZ (6-9.9.2018).

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