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Dear WCC members,


thank you for the trust in me to lead our team for the 2017 season. I would also like to congratulate my fellow committee members for getting re-elected and newly elected.
I would like to welcome you all to the new season and share my priorities for this season (in no particular order) and not very different from last season:

1. Passion for the club and the game
I personally believe passion drives achievement. Only if you have passion for the club, the game and believe in the team, we will succeed as a team. Therefore, I want every team member to put:
- The Club first;
- Team second and;
- You, as the third priority every time we play (all formats)

Winterthur Cricket Club team huddle

2. Social activities
I would like to urge every WCC member to appreciate the efforts of our social secretary Vinat Patel, by participating in the social events too. We, the members, form the club and we have the responsibility to ensure the social side of the club is as active as the cricket side. We had lot of fun matches and events last season during summer with some barbecue and cold beverages (alcoholic/non-alcoholic) etc. I will closely collaborate with Vinat on the social activities to ensure everyone has some fun in the club and not worry about cricket all the time.

Bringing in the kit after the match

3. Cricket & Training
We have 2 formats this season (a doodle link will be sent for availability checks, at least 3 to 4 days before the match). Please find the fixtures for the season on the club website.
Training is key, our match rules have changed as Cricket Switzerland has introduced Power play!
I will be closely collaborating with Chris Lodge who is WCC and Swiss National Team coach. Therefore, Wednesday training will be focused training on specific topics rather than general nets, batting and bowling. Chris and i will put a plan together for us to work on few important areas.

Prafull & Tom going out to bat for Winterthur against St Gallen (2016)

4. Communication on and off the field
Winning is important, but winning is NOT the only important task. Be a good team player, encourage your team member, everyone makes at least one mistake, so tease the daylights out of him, but be fair and don't get carried away! Have a laugh! It helps to concentrate (I’m always the clown of the team).
Please refrain from any discussion on or off the field that may bring the morale of the team and your individual performance down. As a Captain and your team mate, use me to address any concerns or issues, I’m sure together we will find a solution (not everyone likes all the jokes or the tactics or team selection).

Winterthur Cricket Club 2016

5. Expectations from playing members
We are all cricketers, almost all of you might have a significant level of experience and there will be no shortage of ideas, strategy and tactics. Therefore, if you have some ideas that might help the team, please feel free to contact me via email, Whatsapp etc. Otherwise, 20 minutes before every game, we will have a team huddle, where I will communicate the plans for the game (batting order, bowlers, tactics etc.)
During a game, I will not be able to communicate all my plans and thoughts to all in the field, and it’s inevitable that the game changes every over and all of you will have brilliant ideas to accelerate or recover. I promise, I will give all of you fair chance to communicate your ideas to me.

Music at Deutweg during a cricket match in 2016

Lastly, I want to make a commitment to all of you that, i will perform the duties of a Club Captain with utmost responsibility. Many of you know me personally, I am an easy going and fun person, I promise you that we will have fun during the game and during the social events, so I request you all to come with an open mind and your best sense of humour and just enjoy the company of your team mates and other WCC members.

Looking forward to an exciting and fun filled season!
Tom (+41787840407)
Your humble captian

Winterthur Cricket Club

Nets every Friday



14.7. CSRL v Super Lions

21.7. CSRL v Nomads II

28.7. CSRL v Basel Afghans

11.8. CSRL v Pahktoon Zalmi

18.8. PT20 Semi-Finals

01.9. CST10 tournament 

08.9. PT20 Finals Day

28.9. CST10 Finals Day

29.9. CSNL Regional finals

06.10. CSRL Finals

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WCC qualify for semi-final
Winterthur Cricket Club beat Zurich Embrach by 2 wkts to qualify for the CS T20 semi-finals.

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