CSPL versus Berne CC

Berne 109 all out (27-3 overs) lost to Winterthur 110-6 (30.2 overs) by 4 wkts

Sportpark Deutweg, Sunday 29th May 2016

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Winterthur Cricket Club

Winterthur recorded back to back victories in the CSPL, beating Berne by 4 wickets.

WCC skipper Tom won the toss and elected to bat. With the wet weather conditions not so favourable for a cricket, pressure was already on. Both teams checking rules etc. didn't help either.

With an amended bowling strategy, WCC began with Ruan and Dipi. Ruan had a excellent 1st over only 2 runs. Dipi on the other end bowled faster than his bat swing to hit a ball. Dipi's over left both the batsmen under pressure. Ruan got the breakthrough for WCC with an excellent just short of length ball, edged and regulation wicket keeping catch to the WCC skipper ending Berne CC skipper Tisa's 0(2) batting. Attack continued and Dipi usually with his lightning fast ball, this time bowled a slow one to the new batsman Aneesh 7(14) trying to dispatch the ball towards cow corner ended dismissing the bails of the stumps. Berne CC were at this point 31 for 2 in 8 overs.
WCC skipper decided to give opening bowlers a rest and changed his bowling attack by bringing Nathan and Jagath. Jagath as usual bowling brilliant line and length with pace left the bastmen struggling. What was more surprising to the batsmen were the bouncers from Jagath ! Weather conditions worsened and the match was suspended for 54 min and both teams enjoyed some nice curry in between.

Play resumed after both captains decided and agreed on the recalculated overs to 33. Nathan and Jagath continued. This time Nathan struck immediately  and dismissed the danger man Habib 14 (23) to end a good partnership of 30 runs. Berne CC at this point were at 61 for 3 in 15. Nathan took 2 more wickets in his 6th over dismissing their set batsman Amit 33 (52) and bowled the new batsman Mohib 0 (1) even before he got set ! Berne at this point were 75 for 5 in 19 overs.
Jagath's bowling perfection got the batsmen under pressure as no runs were flowing and tried to play the ball all over the place. Finally, jagath ended that with a widish ball on the leg side hitting the Lalit's 5(13) batting glove landing safely in Skipper Tom' s gloves. With the pressure on and few heated exchange of words between the bowler and batsman, Tom brought Sara into the attack to make the batsman have a go at the bowler. This worked exactly as planned and batsman Aseem 18(23) got caught in deep mid wicket. Ruan was brought back into the attack and took 2 more wickets. Finally, Sara ended the Berne innings and got the last man bowled. Berne ended their innings with 109 runs on the board.

Play resumed immediately for the 2nd innings, due to bad weather conditions and predictions. WCC opened with Jagath and Nic. Both batted well and pushed for singles and doubles giving WCC a good start. Berne started with a spin attack thinking WCC would try to finish the game in 10 overs, our batsmen played sensibly and maturely.  Jagath 5(5) was unfortunately run out. Nic 10(34) who steadied and built a partnership was bowled by Habib in his first over. Prafull 8(14) and Pip steadied the innings quite a bit and hung on with confidence and Praf unfortunately got judged LBW in Habib's over. WCC were at 30/3 in 10 overs. Pip played some classy shots and text book defence replying to the chucker ;-) or more or less like a chucking bowling action, eventually got judged LBW again Habib the danger man drilling through WCC's middle order. Tom 0(3) not in form this season got bowled without contributing with his bat.  Sara as usual played sensible cricket and hung on to his wicket striking some lusty blows over gully and slips for couple of boundaries wining WCC's confidence back ! Ruan on the other end played beautifully and laid the foundation to win the match. Sara while destroying Berne's confidence got judged LBW, brining Nathan at the crease. WCC at this stage were 65 for 6 in 20 overs. Both Nathan NOT OUT 17(32) and Ruan NOT OUT 30 (39) played mature cricket accelerating the runs and holding on to their wickets ! taking the WCC team home with 4 wickets to spare.

WCC has come a long way and the team spirit is absolutely high ! We have turned the tables and set the bar high. We are here to win and we will continue the same spirit for the rest of the season. WCC has now a 3 weeks break for the Swiss competitive matches and will take on Nomads on their next CSPL on the 26th of June. We will also be defending the Zuoz Cricket Festival champions title on the weekend of 10th of June.

Reporter(s): Tom Mampilly

Winterthur Cricket Club

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