ECS Switzerland

Gründenmoos, St Gallen (31.7.-11.8.2023)

The Winterthur Cricket Club will take part in the upcoming ECS Switzerland 2023 cricket tournament scheduled to take place from July 31st to August 11th, 2023. Organised by the European Cricket Network (ECN), this event promises to showcase thrilling T10 cricket action featuring all the top teams from Switzerland.


The tournament will bring together talented domestic players and international stars, providing them with an exciting platform to display their cricketing prowess. With matches scheduled to be played at Gründenmoos in St Gallen, cricket enthusiasts from around the country can look forward to witnessing high-octane clashes between the participating teams.


As per the official ECN website,details of all fixtures and scores are available, allowing fans to keep track of the team standings, individual performances, and the overall excitement of the tournament.

The ECS Switzerland 2023 is expected to attract a significant viewership and attention from cricket fans worldwide.


The T10 format adds to the entertainment quotient, as the matches are fast-paced and full of action. Batsmen will be looking to score runs quickly, while bowlers will strive to deliver match-winning performances, making every game a nail-biting contest.


The ECS Switzerland 2023 promises to be a memorable cricketing extravaganza, showcasing the growing popularity of the sport in Switzerland and the talent that exists in the country. As the event unfolds, fans can expect spectacular performances, unforgettable moments, and an overall celebration of the gentleman's game.


Come and support the Winterthur Cricket Club at Stadion Gründenmoos, just 30 minutes from Winterthur, at any of these matches. Entry is free and there are refreshments available for sale throughout the day.


WCC fixtures at the ECS Switzerland


ECS Switzerland 2023 (Stadion Gründenmoos, St Gallen, 31.7. - 11.8.2023)
Date Time Opposition Result/Scorecard
Monday 31 July 12.45pm v Olten Lost by 6 wkts
Monday 31 July 2.45pm v Power Lost by 17 runs
Thursday 3 August 10.45am v Wettingen Won by 12 runs
Thursday 3 August 2.45pm v Pahktoon Zalmi Lost by 8 wkts
Thursday 3 August 4.45pm v Zurich Nomads Lost by 4 wkts
Sunday 6 August 2.45pm v Geneva Lost by 8 wkts
Sunday 6 August 4.45pm v St Gallen Match abandoned 
Thursday 10 August 8.45am v Zurich Lions Lost by 123 runs
Thursday 10 August 12.45pm v Cossonay Lost by 70 runs
Thursday 10 August 4,45pm v Zurich Crickets Won by 6 wkts
Friday 11 August 4.45pm ECS Final Olten bt Zurich Nomads by 5 wkts

All matches played at Stadion Gründemoos, Gründenstrasse 8, 9015 St Gallen


ECS Switzerland final standings

ECS Switzerland final standings

Further information

Further information on the ECS Switzerland 2023 is available from the European Cricket Network website at ECS Switzerland, 2023 | Schedule, News, Live scores, results (

Winterthur Cricket Club

Nets every Friday



16.6. PT20 v Cossonay

23.6. PT20 v Swiss Afghan

07.7. PT20 v Nomads II

14.7. CSRL v Super Lions

21.7. CSRL v Nomads II

28.7. CSRL v Basel Afghans

11.8. CSRL v Pahktoon Zalmi

18.8. PT20 Semi-Finals

01.9. CST10 tournament 

08.9. PT20 Finals Day

28.9. CST10 Finals Day

29.9. CSNL Regional finals

06.10. CSRL Finals

all fixtures

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