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The 43rd Annual General Meeting of Winterthur Club convened at the Restaurant Rössli in Winterthur on Thursday, March 7th, 2023.


President Prafull Shikare, in his address to the Meeting, highlighted the proactive strides taken by the new committee in outlining a comprehensive three-year plan aimed at fostering the growth of the club. Emphasising a commitment to nurturing a junior section and the significant addition of a women's team, President Shikare underscored the club's dedication to inclusivity and expansion.

Prafull Shikare (President) center, Clive Denny (Treasurer) left, Crispin Webb (vice-President) right
Prafull Shikare (President) center, Clive Denny (Treasurer) left, Crispin Webb (vice-President) right


The treasurer's report, delivered by Clive Denney, painted a promising financial picture, showcasing a marked improvement in the club's fiscal health. Two strategic proposals aimed at further enhancing the financial stability were tabled and overwhelmingly approved by the Meeting. Additionally, the Meeting ratified a proposed restructuring of the committee, aligning positions to better meet the contemporary needs of the club.


The composition of the newly elected committee stands as follows:


  • President: Prafull Shikare
  • Vice-President: Crispin Webb
  • Treasurer: Clive Denney
  • Secretary: Scott le Page
  • Team Manager: Deesh Banneheka
  • Captain: Harscha Hettige
  • Media & Social Secretary: Vacant
  • Development lead: Vacant


The two non-executive Auditor positions were retained by the incumbent members, Phil Martin and Vinny Patel.


The meeting concluded on a note of optimism and unity, with members eagerly anticipating the implementation of the proposed initiatives and the collective journey towards a thriving future for Winterthur Club.

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To find out more about the Annual General Meeting or about how to become a member of the Winterthur Club, contact Scott Le Page.

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